How to do Kegel Exercises and does Masturbation effects Erection?

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asked Jul 18, 2018 in Sexual Health by imdheeraj (120 points)
I read about Kegel Exercises, I understood everything but it said 'do 50 kegels a day' i couldn't understand how to do 50 a day, We only go for urinating 5-6 times a day how can we do kegels if we aren't urinating?

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answered Jul 25, 2018 by jackydang (780 points)

As you know that kegel exercises are good for men so you should also know how to do and when? The thing is that kegels can be done anytime anywhere. At the time of sitting or lying down. Even when you are eating, driving or when you are watching television.

How to do Kegel Exercises

You should know how to do kegel exercises and when. Generally, it should be done 3 times a day. For that:

  • Make sure your bladder is empty and after that sit or lie down
  • Tighten pelvic floor muscles and hold it tight for 8 seconds
  • Then relax the muscles and count 10
  • Now repeat this process 10 times and don’t forget to do it 3 times a day (morning, afternoon and night)

Remember to breathe deeply and also relax free while doing exercises and also ensure your stomach, buttock, chest muscles, thigh are not tighten.

Keep doing this exercise regularly and after 4 to 6 weeks, you can see better results and some changes. But also remember not to do it over as overdoing can lead to several other issues.

Point to remember:

After you come how to do them, don’t practice kegel exercises at the same time you are urinating more than twice a month. At the time of urinating if, you do Kegel exercises then it may lead to weaken pelvic floor muscle

It may take several months to show you better results so don’t stop in between for better results.

You can get more information on: Kegel Exercises- Stronger Erection and Greater Ejaculation Control

Whereas masturbation also affects a lot in your erection. Excess masturbation leads to erection loss and nothing seems to work well in love life. Therefore stop masturbating as this is not good for health.

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