Does penis size really matter

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asked Jul 13, 2018 in General Discussions by Kevin
I am really in confused as one question is irritating me always. Can anybody tell me about penis size. I mean does the penis size really matters. This question is like a big challenge for me. I am not able to think what to do and what not?

I have my dick size bigger, not so much but its enough to satisfy my wife without any problem. But I have also heard that bigger penis size is better as it gives more confident and more satisfying result. Does it so or is there something else behind this? Please help me…

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answered Jul 13, 2018 by stephanictaylor (900 points)

You don’t get confused in this matter a lot. Everything depends on you and your partner. Many women love bigger penis size whereas many of them don’t. According to The Journal of Sexual Medicine, at least one third women who have frequently vaginal orgasm claims that they are more satisfied or they get off when man has bigger dick size.

But a large number of women also states that due to bigger size, they cannot have comfortable sex. And this completely tells that how much bigger penis size you have is don’t matter but overall performance matters.

Women want to be loved by his man and he can know how to kiss, suck, scratch, lick, tug and does the way she likes. Therefore, it is suggested not to worry about the size of your member that is hanging between your thighs but focus on giving fun to your partner and you enjoy it too.

Can get much information on whether bigger penis size is better or not here: Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better? – Advantages of Having A Normal Penis

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