What are some treatment options for premature ejaculation

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asked Jul 13, 2018 in General Discussions by Peter
Can anyone tell me the complete treatment options for premature ejaculation? One of my friends is suffer from PE but he is not going to visit any doctor. He wants to know the best methods that can be easily followed at home and the problem can get resolved.

So anybody can suggest me some better treatment option of PE? Thanks in advanceā€¦

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answered Jul 13, 2018 by stephanictaylor (900 points)

Everyone is almost familiar with premature ejaculation problem. I am not going to tell about others that how much they have suffered but once I have suffered a lot. I have seen how the time becomes challenging when you fail to do anything in your sexual life.

However, I have few treatment options, which can really help you or your friend to get out of the situation. You might have heard that PE is best treated with combinations of interventions.

Some of the treatment ways are as follows:

Behavior changes: Many times the behavior you have can change the situation. Simply bringing changes in your lifestyle can help men to get out of the erection problem.

Medications: There are some medications that can completely cure PE and help men to delay ejaculation where men achieve erection better than before.

Foods- There are several foods like blueberries, eggs, dark chocolates, walnuts, spinach etc are good for health and also helps to overcome PE naturally.

Natural supplement- You will get lots of natural supplements that promise to cure PE naturally. In this condition, Enlast is a natural supplement that is in a form of cream that helps men to completely get rid of the problem.

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