Does Premature Ejaculation disappears with age?

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asked Oct 4, 2018 in General Discussions by Martin
I want to ask if anyone is suffering from premature ejaculation, then does it goes away with age or not? One of my old friend is suffering from PE and after telling him continuously to go to doctor and tell him about the problem, he is saying that it will go on its own as he will age. Is it true that PE disappears as we age?

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answered Oct 4, 2018 by stephanictaylor (900 points)

People suffering from PE can understand the fact what they have to bear and in which condition they have to stay. Premature ejaculation generally affects a lot of guys and almost one third of all men in every age groups. It may be of any age from 18 to 88 and it affect is same.

Now here the type of PE varies according to men. Some of them suffers from early during puberty which is also known as ‘primary’ premature ejaculation whereas other men suffers from ‘secondary’ premature ejaculation.

So now I hope you have come to know that PE does not disappears on its own as we age but it remains and even become worse. So why to bear the pain and live such a unhealthy life. Its better to search the best treatment for it as you will get several of them. Never expect much from anywhere and especially in this situation, you should stop expecting to get cure on its own because this is such a condition that cannot be cured on its own.

You have to take some proper and effective treatment that further you don’t have to face any kind of problems in your love life.

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