Does a low testosterone level cause the signs and symptoms of aging?

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asked May 6, 2017 in General Discussions by Mike
I want to ask to you guys that is having low testosterone can cause the signs of aging? One of my friend has low level of testosterone and he wants to know whether it can cause symptoms of aging. He is really frustrated of the situation as he is not having idea of how to boost the level. Due to this, he is getting upset and his relationship is also in hold as low level is stopping him to perform well in bed. Any suggestions would really be acceptable.

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answered May 6, 2017 by stephanictaylor (900 points)
When testosterone level drops then it can create lots of problem for men but if you want to know about aging effect of testosterone then it is not necessary that low testosterone cause the signs of aging. But there are many men who experience signs and symptoms as they age. Due to drop in level, there are some sexual changes which includes less sexual desire, loss of muscle mass, memory loss, muscle strength decreases, loss of bone density and even depression and mood changes. Therefore to boost the level of testosterone, there are several supplements and in fact several natural ways that can help you to increase the T level.
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