How can Zero Sperm motility be improved?

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asked May 6, 2017 in General Discussions by Samson
I have gone to SA test and after it is done I have got the reports where it has shown 0 sperm motility and 1% sperm morphology. My sperm count is around 45 million and sperm viability is 40%. The doctor has performed every test including hormonal and the level of testosterone was 370. He stated that he can’t do anything as this is an unusual case. So I want to know what can cause zero sperm motility. I am not getting any idea of how to solve the situation as I am totally blank. What to do now?

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answered May 6, 2017 by sanytale (540 points)
Zero sperm motility which is also known as absolute azoospermia is generally cause due to several factors. Ultrastructural defects in the sperm where normal semen level and sperm count are available but sperm motility will be zero. Second cause is necrozoospermia where the sperms are completely dead and it can due to several factors like anti-sperm antibodies, infection in genitals etc. However this can be improved if it is treated on time and in fact there are several treatments available which can really benefit you in such condition. Just take care of your sperm and this can help you to maintain your sexual life in better way.
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