Why can't I get an erection?

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asked May 6, 2017 in General Discussions by Andrew
Hey buddy, I am 32 years of age and I am in bit problem from few months. I am married but facing problem with my erection. I am not getting enough erection so I am not able to enjoy my sex life. It’s very difficult to say that I have erection problem as I am not getting that much which is required. My love life seems to be in hell as I am not satisfied with my sex life and feels bored. I want to enjoy but erection problem is stopping me. Can anyone help me and solve the condition as I am really very frustrated. What to do now, I am not getting any idea.

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answered May 6, 2017 by jackydang (780 points)

The erection problem is for almost every man nowadays and man wants to get rid of such situation immediately because erection problem means sexual life is in hell and your relationship will be also in risk. It has many disadvantages therefore as soon as men takes decision, it will be better for him. Well there are several ways to increase erection strength and take it for longer. Well I am sharing one link which can help you to maintain erection strength for longer time naturally. Get more on:


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