Some women refuse to swallow during oral sex. Why?

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asked May 6, 2017 in General Discussions by Karson
Well this may be a common question for many men that while having oral sex, why some women don’t swallow their men’s semen? I have seen it many times and in fact I have heard a lot of such situation. Can anyone tell me why this happens?

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answered May 6, 2017 by stephanictaylor (900 points)
There may be many reasons but you should not take it on personal level. Might be because of the taste, many women refuse to swallow it. Not everyone but there are some who loves it and they enjoy completely. But truly I know some women who just don’t want it go inside stomach. Though this may seem you sexy but all your enjoy can go off when you try to do it to your women and she does not loves it. So never try to do with your women if she does not like it and in fact some may act like swallowing just to make you happy. So don’t force your women or partner to swallow it, if someone loves it then its obvious you will enjoy more.
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